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Visiting Scholars

Dr. Manabrata GuhaDr. Guha Headshot

The Electro-Governance Group (EGG) welcomes its 2014-2015 Visiting Scholar, Dr. Manabrata Guha, Prize Research Fellow in Security Studies at the University of Bath, author of Reimagining War in the 21st Century: From Clausewitz to Network-Centric Warfare (New York: Routledge 2011), and contributor to the forthcoming anthology The Digital Dionysus: Nietzsche and the Network-Centric Condition (New York: Punctum 2015). This is Dr, Guha’s second visit to WesternU and The E.G.G., where he has been continuing his investigation of the changes that are taking place in contemporary understandings of software, wetware, algorithmic intelligence, human/machine-interfaces, and the role played by emergent bio-informatic technologies in the creation and disassembling of global politico-strategic ensembles.



Junior Research Fellows

Anne Campbell Headshot

Anne Campbell

The Electro-Governance Group (EGG) welcomes its 2020-2021 Junior Research Fellow, Anne Campbell. Anne is a fourth year Political Science (Honours) student at Western University focusing on post-9/11 international security, cybersecurity, and gender. She has worked extensively in research, policy and human rights at the Senate of Canada and with the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders. Currently, Anne is researching the impacts of COVID-19 on international and domestic security and is looking forward to working closely with members of the EGG in order to explore the socio-political implications of technological change, international security, and gender.